I Am A Cat!


Oops!  I am a Cat!  My typing is not so good.

Mer er er rrrrrow.  My name is His Lordship The Daimyo Of MacGregor Manor Mr Hotspots Georgie Pie MacGregor.  I am also known as Mr George E. Pie, Mr George, Georgie or just plain old boring George to the humans.  I think the people at the evil place where they poke me with things also call me Georgie Pie MacGregor.

I am an ocicat!!!!!  You cannot tell me any differently.  I might look like an Abyssinian but my father was an ocicat so that makes me an ocicat.  Just because some fluke of genetics I ended up brown with my spots so well hidden you can only really see them on my belly does not mean that I am not an ocicat.  Haha, not that it matters, the humans would never enter me for best in show because I might throw up on the judges.

My friends are Hotspots Fred Rico, the humans call him Mr Fred, Fred Fred or Freddy, and Hotspots Headahoppa which fits because she hops like a rabbit but they call her Miss Millie, Millie, Mil or Madam, hmm.  These wonderful cats are my nephew and niece.  According to the humans they are also my half brother and sister but I do not understand.  My sister gave birth to them therefore they are my nephew and niece and under my command since they live in my house.

My humans are:

  • Rain, who is my favourite, she’s the youngest and most likely to give me attention.
  • Flower, who feeds me when no one else is around and does all my cleaning.  She’s a human nurse so sometimes when I hurt myself I try to show her but she doesn’t seem to either care or understand my distress.
  • Mustachio, the man!  He sometimes calls me his pub mate, I don’t know what that means but once I did try to follow him to the place where he buys beer once.  He also looks after me well.  Second favourite after Rae but he goes away a lot.  I must try to follow him next time!
  • Gone, she’s not a cat but her human name sounds like it.  She also hasn’t been home for quite some time.  When she returns I shall send Fred Rico to do the necessary in protest of her constant state of not being here for the past 11 years.

I have been living with these same humans for 15 years now.  I do my best to entertain them because I like them and I am a sociable cat.  Now if only they would give me the undivided attention that I deserve!

This morning when Rain was sleeping and Flower went out exercising I projectile vomited from the top of my tree like scratching post in protest.  It is splattered all over the carpet in Flower and Mustachio’s room.  I win!!!!

This blog thing is tiring.  I’m going to let Rain have her computer back now.  Perhaps if you come back tomorrow I will have a story for you.

20 minutes later:  fjkaloiutgjkldiogh Gosh this typing thing is hard!  I just woke up from a dream about Natsume Soseki.  He is the bomb!  His cat, who stole his calligraphy brush, was even cooler.  I take my inspiration from he who wrote Wagahei wa Neko de aru (I am a Cat).

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