akjgaojoia Meeeeeeow!

Rain is walking the neighbours’ dog for them.  This is most unpleasant and annoying for my friends and I as we have an inherent disdain for them.  We hate dogs in general but we really hate these two.  Rain doesn’t hate them, in fact she quite likes them, but my goodness are they disgusting!

She came back from walking them tonight injured!  Injured I say!  There was blood on her hand!  I had a good sniff of her leg having established that she was in pain.  Us cats, we know when our human has been taken by a dog and conned into falling over on concrete, we knooooooow.  She smelled so badly of dog that I had to walk away.  Horrible creatures.

I sent Heddahoppa in to have a look too.  She ran her nose up and down those legs and confirmed… doooooog slobber.  The most horrible thing known to cat!

FredRico came inside shortly after and lo he smelled it to.  “There is a most unpleasant stench of dog in here this evening your Lordship.  Is it coming from Rain or Mummy? *sniff sniff* Rain!  We must decontaminate at once!”  He then proceeded to headbutt her but I think there is only one thing for it…

A Shower!  And not of the human kind, oh no, she needs punishing!

She better sleep with one eye open because one of us is coming for that soon to become dog lubber!

I shall have to vomit in protest… or maybe woooooooorse in her opinon… hmmm.

I better go away and think about this.

Have a nice night and stay away from dogs, they are evil, they killed my friend, Skittles, many many years ago.


His Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr Hotspots Georgie Pie MacGregor

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