Meow oh! 7 months sleeeeeeeeeping!


Meeya-ah.  I got rudely awoken this afternoon.

Mer er er er er er oooooooooooow!  It seems that I have been asleep for 7 months.  This is not my fault.  Rain has been at her computer for the whole time.  It’s as though once university went back she cannot get away from it long enough for me to write something.  THEN she went away to see Gone or something.

This whole situation was just not good enough so I have taken to sleeping a lot and punishing Rain by putting my scent on her bookshelf, sometimes even her books and the other night I took my ultimate revenge.  I sprayed on her!  Yes dear people of internet land I punished her absence by reminding her of to whom she belongs.

She tells me that she had no choice but to be absent for 2 weeks.  Apparently, and I really do not understand this strange custom that humans have, Gone has found herself a human mate.  I call him Dashing.  He is tall, dark, handsome and I am not sure if he likes me or not but I guess if Gone has chosen him as her one and only then so be it.  Why she needs a one and only I have no idea, it is a bizarre human custom in the eyes of we three devoted and beautiful animals.  So she chose this Dashing man and decided to have a ceremony confirming their one and onlyness overseas apparently and of course the whole human family had to go.

I took a look through Rain’s camera.  Gone looked spectacular in an outfit that was missing only one thing to complement the blue silk dress she wore and that was my fur.  Mustachio looked like the proud father that I think he was, what an amazingly handosome pub mate I have.  Flower also looked lovely as per usual.  Dashing looked… well… almost as fantastic as I do after I have groomed myself.  As for Rain… sigh… she needed my fur!!! Otherwise, good.

Yawn, stretch, it’s getting late which means bed time for the humans and therefore a warm spot on or in a bed just for me so I shall say goodnight.  Not for 7 months this time though, no no, there are too many delicious looking crows to discuss by the look of Rain’s camera.

Yours sincerely,

His Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr Hotspots Georgir Pie MacGregor

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2 Responses to Meow oh! 7 months sleeeeeeeeeping!

  1. Glad to have you back Lordship! Lots of love, Gone.

    • WTF?! says:

      Mer er er! Purrrrrrrrr! When you come back I am dumping all of my fur on you in punishment for not inviting me. I would have behaved, you know the red and gold harness, you plus your blue plus my red, amaaaaazingrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Wrong male is walking you down aisle in photographs, you belong to memememememememeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Mer er!
      Sniff sniff, where is Rain? I smell chicken and want it! I’ll go look for her now since you obviously can’t let me into the fridge.
      Orrrrrrr maybe I can knead something and make bread out if it rather than try to get chicken… aha, here is Rain’s scarf, paws want to move from keyboard now.
      Merbye bye.

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