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Mer ow!  Aaah this is much better.  I have found my way onto Rain’s lap and am sitting in a position where I can type effectively today.  I am even sitting face forward so I can see what I am writing.  That makes me purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

What is with this “rugby” thing that my humans are all gaga over?  I was reading Gone’s twitter the other day and she is the only one who doesn’t seem to be in on the joke.  It is a joke right?  A game where you toss the ball backwards to get it over a line in order to place it on the ground and then have to kick it between to posts get fed?  Bizarre.  You do get fed when you get a goal right?  Oh Rain says “no, no treats”.  So what’s the point?!  And why did the spend lots of money to spend two afternoons without me to watch it?!  I really don’t understand.

Mustachio is the most into it.  He can sit in front of that black box thing on the wall for hours looking at it, how he can tell if anything is moved or not is beyond me he has no whiskers and that thing does not make the air move!  Anyway he sits watching it for many hours without even so much as Angry Birds to keep him entertained during it.  It’s very odd.

Rain seems to watch it because it’s a men’s sport with men in tight tops.  One ripped in the opening match of this thing called the Rugby World Cup and had to be changed… she said “and the female population of the world are very happy right now.”  That may be true but Heddahoppa is female and she didn’t exactly start purring.

Flower seems to be the most sane about it.  It’s the World Cup and is being held here so she is letting herself get swept up in the party, or is she letting herself get swept up in spring?  It’s impossible to tell, she’s a human.

Oh well, so long as I get fed and they play soccer with me when I am in a kittenish mood… I much prefer soccer.  There is no requirement to touch another man’s behind, no heads in behinds (not that I mind that, I smell bums often), no thumbs necessary, can be played by a cat.  Yes soccer is a much better football game.

Aww man!  Rain just said “so long as cats don’t play it at night, soccer is an ok game”.  She must be annoyed that my soccer ball went “calunk calunk calunk” down the stairs the other night.  She likes her sleep.  That’s why we get along.

Oh, hello Sunshine!  A nice patch of sun just opened up and I am heading straight for it before the other two see it first!

Have a nice day humans.


His Lordship the EMPEROR of MacGregor Manor Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

P.S.  There is smoked fish in the stainless steal food dispenser… I WANT IT!!!!

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