Rugby World Cup 2011


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I do not understand.  This morning I had to pounce on Flower once before she pushed me off the bed.  Then I pounced on Rain who told me to, excuse her language, “bugger off!”.  I know I pounced hard enough!  And it was past 8am on a work day for them.  I really really didn’t understand so I smooched up to Rain just now and asked ever so nicely for an explanation.  That failed so I sent Heddahoppa in to find out.  She did a very good job bouncing around on the railing of the deck miaowing and purring and headbutting Rain.  It turns out that they were up reeeeaaaally late last night watch a bunch of men running around a field with a ball shaped like an egg for something called the Rugby World Cup.  It also turns out that their team won.  Apparently congratulations to the All Blacks are in order.

This explains a lot.  Happy people don’t sleep well.  They were all nervous until the end of the game then they did not sleep well.  I had to move from bed to bed last night to get some comfort.  Then today to make up for that I had to sleep outside all day.

Er er errrrrrrrrr … I am not impressed.  They should be weary of me, you never know what presents I will leave for them.  I have already left one in the form of my lunch on Rain’s e-reader this week, I wonder if she would like that to happen again.

Now that Rugby World Cup is over pay more attention to meeeeeeeeeeeeee.

By order of His Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor, Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

P.S.  Hey Gone!  Why didn’t you share your ANZAC Biscuits with me?  AND I hear you are coming to visit, what kind of present would you like from moi?

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