Mounting Potatoes

kgshjashblsnbn sgau;uhuvs;bnsh g kn           hadfglhaobfhaku

Mer0w, mrow, mao, eh oooooooooooooow.

Give me all of your potatoes.  I want your potatoes and if they come from a place called the Takeaway Shop or McDonalds.  Potatoes are my favorite vegetable especially if Fred Rico has stolen it.  So that is why when Rain said she was going to go and mound Mustachio’s potatoes I decided I would have a look and see if my assistance would be needed.  The problem was that I heard “mount” potatoes.

She was not happy.  I sat on them.  That’s mounting right?  Climbing on top and sitting on something?  That is what I did.  I sat on Mustachio’s plants which Rain seemed to think were potatoes.  They didn’t look like potatoes when I was sitting on her while she put soil on them up to the top two branches.

I don’t understand why they do that.  Perhaps I will never know but if they annoy me I might dig into the soil that Rain put on them today and poop in it.  Pooping in it will destroy the crop right?

In other news, that evil enemy of mine is back.  It has white and grey fur.  All hands on deck it needs eradicating!!!

By order of His Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

P.S.  I smell chicken, if Rain is having Chicken for dinner I bet I get some!!!  Score!!!

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