Geiag:haibgohbos ;auhbuoghuaebhiyh obho jg不意あhv会うおph部オアフ尾ほhg

Oh nooooooo. My paws are still not letting me type effectively. Did you see that I just wrote that in Japanese? I don’t know how I did that. It must be something to do with Rain (who shall be known as Missing in Action!!!! For the mean time)’s computer…. I am really annoyed today! Missing in Action has been gone ALL week! She gets up ridiculously early, sometimes leaving before I check my traps, then comes home really late at night and keeps working for a very long time after that. I don’t know where she is disappearing off to. Remind me to ask her for clarification of this monstrous offence later.

Flower was gone a lot this week too but for some reason Mustachio has been home. I bet he is going to disappear again soon too. That seems to be his modus operandum right.  So Heddahoppa, Fred Rico and I have tried our darndest to find out what is going on but we just can’t. They are never home to ask! We feel abandoned and want our demands met.

As a result of this abandonment we have decided to take action! I sent in Fred Rico on Wednesday night. He did a good job of Missing in Action’s bookshelf. Last night he did the job again. This time he did Missing in Action’s toilet door, unfortunately she did not step in it!!!! She did notice it though, I know because I watched as she studiously stepped over it. I think she chose to ignore it or something.

If the problem is not resolved, I shall have to send in Heddahoppa. Her stink bombs are awesome!

I hope the humans are reading this carefully and understanding it. This is unacceptable! Further action shall be taken should our demands not be met.

By decree of His Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

P.S. There were ants in our food earlier in the week. THAT infestation SHALL NOT be tolerated either. Understood?!

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