Sealant… in my tail…

agjio;tabhoijbaob oahbvo hb usgigahgvohg!!!!!

Rah, paws can’t type when Daimyo is angry.  Hiss!!!

I have sealant in my tail!  How did it get there?!  Rain says that it is something to do with me having been too curious but I do not believe it.  Who brings sealant inside anyway?  I was just doing my job and supervising the builders.  Reaaah!

I suppose I should give my delightful subjects (umm, sorry Readers) some back story.  Gone and Dashing are coming back!  Apparently… sometime in April… not for very long but they are coming.  As a result of this Rain and Mustachio decided to give them a bigger bed.  (WIN!  I get to make Rain even more uncomfortable at night with even less room for her to sleep muahaha.)  However, when they moved the beds around Mustachio found what I had been TRYING to tell him for quite some time.  The floor had rotted.  Oh my gosh wet floor just thinking about it makes me need to flick my paws about.

Aaaaaanyhow, they called in the builders.  They have been here for the past 2 days.  First they took the floor out and found the other thing I had been trying my hardest to warn Rain, Flower and Mustachio about.  The nest of animals living under the floor.  I forget what they are called Hedge somethings.  5 of them plus their mother!  Spiky evilness them, but they have been removed on my orders (I looked the builders in the eyes and hypnotised them into moving them).  They sealed up the concrete that holds up the house so that the new floor doesn’t disappear the same way the old one did.

This morning I popped into the guest room to have a look.  Just to make sure they were doing their job.  Yes, the job is being done and there are a lot of cobwebs under the house.  Eeew.  Somewhere in between checking what was going on and emerging covered in disgusting cobwebs I acquired some sealant on my tail.  I am most unamused.

This is not my fault and my fur better not fall out!

Rain told me to be careful of my nose, “careful George, you’ll get black stuff on your nose then you’ll be up a creek without a paddle”.  But she never said anything about my tail.

I shall blame her!  No, I shall blame Gone and Dashing for coming back and making them move the beds thus revealing the need for sealant.  That sounds fairish.

Now let me out!  I want to enjoy the sunshine!

By order of His Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

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