Sick Humans… ugh!

hfua;hobhbao; ouahgo;asjbo; Merow!

This is a public health announcement from the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor.

There is a cold going around!  Which works out great for me as a pussy cat because it means that the humans are staying in bed and providing a nice warm possie for me to sit in.  It’s perfect.  I am sitting on sick Rain’s lap right now.  She’s under the covers sitting up in bed and I am sitting on top of her legs in the perfect position to type.  See below.


But actually, this is all really terrible.  I have been having troubles convincing either of the two humans in the country right now that they need to get out of their beds and fill up my water or feed me.  I disapprove!!!!!  So do Heddahoppa and Fred Rico but they don’t talk so I have to do all the pouncing and meowing.  It’s a most annoying state of affairs.

We are trying everything from howling to fighting to liquid deposits on bathroom and kitchen floors but they do not seem to get the message that getting sick has been unacceptable.  Rain appears better today but Flower is going downhill fast.  I am also worried that Rain might be pushing herself too hard, you know last night she came home after Flower?  That is most unacceptable.  AND just now she told me that her boss has asked her to work mornings next week.  What about my sleep-ins?!  Oh this is very rude of her.

All this sickness and working makes me wonder about this money thing, it seems to bring a lot of stress and doesn’t food just come to you, in a bag, then get moved into a box that you put your paws into?  You don’t need money for that.

I order all MacGregor humans to stop getting sick and stop working this instant.

By decree of his Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor, Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

P.S.  I heard that Gone is going to be Not Gone in 10 days’ time.  PuRRRRrrRRrrrrRRRRRrrrrRRrrrrRRr!!!!!!!!!!

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