Oh my happiness!!!

fajgulhna;lnjjlabg:aobbov:ahjbion buo;ahugoa;bhuop:za oaghub;habn agvjhoa;bn 

Gone’s back!!!  YAY!!!  She brought Dashing with her…. hmm… she won’t let me into her room at night… also hmm.

BUT I scored some ham yesterday.  Nobody saw me do it.  Happiness!

Also Mustachio’s face is all nice and soft like mine now.  I think it’s time to rename him FurFace Mustachio, the kindest Mustachio in town.

AND I got cuddles from Gone’s friend, O’s boyfriend, D.  He’s very kind.  He can move in any time to give me attention when everyone else is focussed on trying to stop me from stealing the ham.  

Heddahoppa and Fred Rico are scared of something at the moment.  Heddahoppa also got a cuddle from D but it took her all afternoon to come to the kitchen for her love and attention.  I don’t know why.  People are cool.  Three year olds are not but people are so I don’t know what’s wrong with Fred Rico and Heddahoppa but meow no problem.

Now if only Gone would wake up.


By order of his Lordship, the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor, Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

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