A show with flying things?!

aghagai@g haghoiagh:iagna grap:ghipghpia aaio:g


Dear Mr Furface Mustachio the Kindest Mustachio in town,

Do you mind not leaving me to to go do the very cat like thing of watching things fly in the sky?  Next time, you should take me, not Flower.  Sigh.  One minute I am happy sleeping, the next you are saying “bye bye Mr George, see you in a few days”.  I do not understand this!  You are supposed to take me with you, not just saunter off into the distance only to return a few days later with no gifts for me!!

But not only that, you also left haaaam in the fridge, ham which Rain said that I was not allowed to have!  Not fair!

Oh oooooh aaaaaand you left me here with Gone and Dashing for a couple of days too.  All they did was try to stop me from getting any ham and from getting into their room.  I don’t know why anyone would not want me in their room but I guess maybe Dashing is not my biggest fan.  That makes me want to cry because Dashing is awesome, not as awesome as Friend O’s boyfriend who gives me cuddles but seems to love Gone so that must make him somehow awesome.  Gone also cleaned, A LOT, she cleaned so much that after she left to watch moving things in the sky with you I had to replace my markings on the floor.

Oh well, Rain loves me and kept me company, actually no she didn’t!  She left me outside for 7 hours on Saturday, how dare she!  I am off to be grumpy!

Don’t ever leave me again!  Especially not to watch a show with flying things!  You can’t be a cat without a cat present, it’s just not right!

By order of His Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

P.S. Furface Mustachio, you should expect a present at some stage very very soon…

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