Why so cold?! And why Furface Mustachio so warm?

jaigohbo;b nhbjoabhj nbhghg;ahugaru Mer er er eeeeeeeeerrr!

Ak k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k, it’s been so cold lately.  Rain has a heater on in her room for an hour or so most nights so I’ve been getting really close to it to keep warm.  Fred Rico and Heddahoppa have been joining me around the heater.  It’s been nice, but the rest of the time it’s really cold and I don’t know what to do.  All I know is that it appears to be bugging Rain that I like to sit on her to keep warm.  It has been getting harder and harder to get between her and her computer and she keeps telling me to move.

Actually, I think maybe she has more work to do lately.  She rushes around “like a blue assed fly” to quote Furface Mustachio.  She seems to have less and less time for me, a fact which I find really annoying myself.  She says that she’s busy herding cats but we don’t need herding so I have no idea what she means.  Oh well, it’s too cold to pontificate on that particular point.

Meeeeanwhile, Mr Furface Mustachio is in a nice warm place with rats and geckos to chase.  I bet he is nice and warm with all that fur on his face.  I wish I was with him.  Geckos are fun to catch.  Also you can’t hear the neighbour girl singing badly while she washes herself, seriously, she sounds like me when I am sick.  Not good.

OK, typing this has made me cooooold so I am going to go find a spot in the sun to curl up in, into a nice tight ball so that my body heat goes in on itself.  Purrrrrrrrrrrr, just thinking about it makes me very content.

Keep warm and let me sit on you!

By order of His Lordship The Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

P.S. Happy Birthday to the lover of (eeew) Corgie Dogs, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II.  That is why everybody is home today right?  Rain said Queen’s Birthday?  Or did she say Queen’s Jubilee?  Not sure, don’t care, I am an ocicat, but I heard something about 60 years something.

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