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MEROW!!!!  HISSSSS!!!!!!!!!  Smack!  Pisssssss!

Furface Mustachio, the kindest mustachio in town, came home for a week, then left for a week then came home for a week and has now left again.  That’s not bad, I don’t mind him coming back and forth, he doesn’t let me into his man caves anyway.  What is bad is that this time he has taken MY car and Flower with him.

Yes folks the car that Rain sometimes lets me put my paws on the steering wheel of has disappeared and I am not sure how long for.  I watched him pack it up, though, he took everything but the kitchen sink and Rain.  It makes me rather uneasy.  I hope they come back.  I don’t want to be stuck with Rain for the rest of my days.  She randomly wakes me up forcing me to meowowowow on occasion. Oh and she has been known to pull my tail.  Sigh.

ALSO she does not let me sit on her lap when she has her computer on it.  Why I (or Heddahoppa) can’t share that warmth huh?  Why?  It’s been cold and I want to be waaaaaaaaarm!  Oh oh oh oooooh and let’s not forget the fact that she was out 4 out of 5 weeknights this week!  Why can’t she stay home and keep me warm?  This is a real problem, when the other two are home I at least have one warm lap to sit on in the evening.  I’ve had to curl up into a ball on her bed. Sigh.

Speaking of, I am going to go be warm with Heddahoppa and Fred Rico who have had a busy day terrorising Rain and are now purrrrrring on her bed.

Come back Furface Mustachio and Flower!

By order of His Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

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