Where is Spring?!


AMYIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!  Sglkoanslkagjkn komfjanbioa nihgフォpj日尾sん議大尾案 Oops need to type carefully, it’s been a while. Hiss!!!!!!!!

Why is it so coooooooold?!

Rain is so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to steal her computer but guess what!  I just did!  She’s in another part of the house having something hot to drink because she says that the cold is affecting her back.  In my not so humble feline opinion, that is not the truth.  The truth is that she needs to practice curling around into a tight ball like me more often.  This will increase the flexibility of the muscles around that part of her AND mean that she can curl right around me at night rather than me having her kick me off the bed because she thinks she needs more space.  Sigh.  At least my stretchy cat body bounces back and can handle it.

In case you are wondering where I have been, well, it has been cold!  I am a cat!!!  When it is cold I do this!  For as long as is necessary and this year that has been for most of winter.  Usually, I close my eyes but SOOOOMEBODY called my name didn’t she, gosh so rude, disturbing a cat’s slumber.  It’s not like I do that to her in the middle of the night or anything *insert sarcasm sign here*.



Furface Mustachio has come and gone numerous times since I last wrote here.  Every time he comes back I am so pleased.  I have another person to bother and another person to give me cuddles and and and oh he makes me so happy.  Rain said that he’s coming back today.  I do hope so because Rain needs her dad around after whatever it was that made her not so good on Monday night.  I don’t know what was up there but something for certain, so I jumped on her and made sure she knew that I was not going anywhere big purr and everything.  The girl needed it!  Aaaaanyway, Furface Mustachio!!!!  Furface Mustachio!!!  FURFACE Mustachio!!!!!!!!!!  Wait!  That means…. meeeeeeeat!!!  YUM!

Flower has been spending lots of time with the flowers lately.  Apparently, it is Spring so she needs to spend time in the garden and has told me to help by pooping.  I have no problem with that.  But where?  Furface Mustachio doesn’t need me pooping in his potatoes, zomg more potatoes to mound, because they get mounded and then I get told off because the human gets poo in their hands.  I don’t mind but they seem to.  Maybe I am supposed to poo by the dahlias?  Hmm.  I guess so long as they don’t notice that I marked the foyer wall there is no harm and no foul?

OK, this is hard work and I am cold!  I am going to go join Heddahoppa now.  She’s in a warm spot and Rain looks like she’s on a mission and needs this thing back.


That’s me! On the left!!! Stay warm, humans!!!!

By royal decree of his Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor, Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

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