I can open doors. Neener neener neeeeeener.

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Oops my paws again.

Today I am a very happy cat indeed.  And the humans are very annoyed indeed.  Meeeeehehehehehehe.

I can haz figured out how to open the sliding door to MacGregor Manor’s sunshine room.  The humans call it the guest room but I call it my sunshine room.  There is a bed in there, a skylight and a pile of blankets just for me.  At least that’s my understanding but Rain was just looking for me and found me in there.  She picked me up.  She spoke human speech to Furface Mustachio (when is he going to lose the furface, I think it was just for a while…) and it seems that he is not happy about me sleeping in the Sunshine Room.

But it’s so nice and warm and sunny and I really want to go in there!!!  So much so that I finally, after several years, have figured out how to open it.  I am smarter than they give me credit for you know.

I heard that Flower wants to clean the en suite in that room before Furface Mustachio tries to stop me from going in there ever.  I really want to sleep in there, just sleep, not toilet, just sleep.  Sleep I say!  So in the mean time I shall go back there to relax in the sun some more.

Furface Mustachio, if you lock that door this battle will not be over.

By decree of his Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

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