Ham Turkey Ham Turkey Ham Turkey… Aoooomeow!




Hey! Humans!  Why are you not hearing me?  Stop putting me outside!!!!  I know it’s turkey day!!!

The stainless steal food receptacle is filled with deliciousness and I want it noooowmeow!  Inside is a gigantic piece of porky hammy noms.  In the hot stainless steal thing with a window for me to peer through is a delicious looking birrrrrrrrrrd.

They won’t give it to me and keep putting me outside where I get wet and have to run around half of the house to get back in because they don’t seem to want me in there.  Don’t they like my singing??

Sigh.  Merowowow!

Give me the deliciousness.  You will give me the deliciousness.

By order of His Lordship The Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

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