Congratulations Gone and Prince Charming!!!

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Merow!  I am so excited that I cannot type again.  Flower and Furface Mustachio are going to be grandparents which means that this Daimyo is going to be Uncle Georgie Pie, aha yip Uncle Georgie Kitty!!!!  Gone is going to have a baby!!!  And it’s all Prince Charming’s fault!!!  Congratulations Gone and Prince Charming!  Just please please please do not let him or her, Auntie Rain said that it’s called “Peapod” for now, pull my tail when you bring it to New Zealand.  It I am still on this earth I do not want my tail pulled!!!!!!  It’s bad enough that Rain closed the door on it last week.  I was so angry!!!  Grabbed her ankle with my claws and my teeth.

Speaking of doors… they may have found a way to lock the Sunshine Room.  I tried to open it the other day and I could not get in.  WHY?!  “Rain will surely help me,” I thought.  Rain did not help me.  She just said “no”, picked me up and gave me a pat.  I don’t know what I did wrong in there, all I did was punish them for their indiscretions going out all day and all evening etc.

Sigh, humans…

Anyway, congratulations to Gone and Prince Charming.  I am sure the new human will be as awesome and cool as me.


His Lordship, the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor, Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

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