A Teddy Bear?!

Gooood meeerrrrrrrrning human readers,

Today hagou togsi 97aq argh stupid paws!!!  This is sad.  I keep forgetting how to type.  Anyway, Rain has finished her big pile of words now so I am taking the computer back.

The first thing I saw when I opened the Georgie Pie thought processing device was this.  How can the Prime Minister hire a teddy bear?!  How?!!!!   Surely, he must know that a cat is the spy master.  We have been, are and we always will be masters of information collecting.  We are cute, stylish and beloved by most.  What’s not to love and tell all secrets to?

I am telling you, next time, hire me!

By order of His Lordship the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor, Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

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