Every Cat Knows…


jafkl t aoigsh a 8tq@ nju8hvgu8hiov:bg8p giylyglufag vagi;o 4t

Hmmf! Clearly every cat does not know how to type!  I was going to write the end of my title at the top there but have failed miserably and shall start again.

Minions!  Every cat knows… JIMBOS!!!! Yes, Jimbos!  It is a cat food.  I have never tried it and I never will. I prefer the expensive, high class stuff that stays in my stomach better but every cat does know jimbos!

Rain keeps saying this phrase to me then laughing her pretty little human head off about it.  I really don’t know why.  It strikes me that a food called Jimbos would not be very tasty to either human or … no I am not even going to suggest that any cat should eat it.  However, Rain gave me bonito flakes tonight and they were delicious.  Every cat should get lost in a gigantic bag of bonito flakes if the ones I scored off of her dinner are anything to go by.  Apparently, gigantic bags of bonito flakes do exist even, oh my goodness!  Rain said that she has seen them in Japan.  I truly must go to Japan or no…

YOU will bring me a gigantic bag of bonito flakes.  Yes, you WILL bring me a gigantic bag of bonito flakes, or better yet, Furface Mustachio, if you read this before returning from whence you have gone to, you can bring me a whole fresh bonito!  Yes, Furface Mustachio that is what you can do for me or else I shall projectile vomit into your suitcase.

Rain went out for most of the day yesterday.  She and Flower both came home to find that I had left them a nice present outside Rain’s sleeping quarters.  Yes, I did, I projectile vomited outside Rain’s sleeping space.  I thought humans like to eat cat food and that it would make a nice present for Rain, why else would she sing the Jimbo’s song?  Unless there is something that I am missing?

Now wait just a gosh darn minute!  Heddahoppa has just informed me that she got more bonito flakes than me tonight!  How has this happened?!  What did she do different from Fred Rico and I?  Why is Rain saying “Patience is a virtue, George”?  Oh my goodness, I actually have missed something!  Please bring me a gigantic bag of bonito flakes!

By order of His Lordship, the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor, Mr Georgie Pie MacGregor

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