Sad news

Dear Readers,

You will have noticed that His Lordship, the Daimyo of MacGregor Manor Mr George E. Pie MacGregor’s blog has been dormant for some months now.

Sadly, in July last year Fred Rico passed away of a stroke. 36 days later his sister Heddahoppa (pedigree name, we called her something else) passed on in her sleep just before I went to work.

6 weeks ago His Lordship also passed away having had, I suspect, depression for quite some time and having given up on eating entirely. He passed away in my arms at approximately 6:05am on a Friday morning after 2 weeks of no food, though he was drinking and seemed completely happy in himself. Over that time we kept encouraging him to eat but it seemed that he had given up.

He was a lovely and intelligent cat, always loving until the end and even left me a present of pee in my silk duvet as he passed.

All three are buried in my mother’s garden. They were 16, 16 and 18 human years old respectively.

My apologies for not having written about this sooner. It’s been a sad few months for the MacGregor Manor humans.

This blog may well end up being more active soon, though, as my mother, Flower, has taken on the volunteer role of SPCA foster mother meaning that we will have a number of cats through our place for some love, attention and TLC while they are sick, recovering from surgery or nursing. My plan is to post information about this role as we start doing it on a regular basis and about the animals we meet.

Thank you for your loyalty to his lordship. He is sadly missed.


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